Civil Engineering

What you will be doing as a Civil Engineer?

If you have ever aspired to be a civil engineer, and are confused about what you will be doing as a civil engineer, here is an elaborated answer for you. Must keep in mind that civil engineering is a broad subject, and there is no short answer for the same. Before starting with everything about civil engineering, you should be aware that amongst all other branches of engineering, civil engineering is the oldest. Design of the physically built environment is what is dealt by the civil engineers. If you want to know what work is done by the civil engineers, just look around the place you live and adore their design work. For example, buildings, dams, bridges, streets, malls, etc. if you will pursue B.Tech in Civil Engineering, you will know that this list is very vast. During your course, you will be covering various broad field courses, and then eventually focus on a particular sub-discipline as per your choice and interest.

There are several sub-disciplines of civil engineering. The names for the same may differ from university to university. But in general the sub-disciplines of civil engineering as as follows: Construction, Earthquake, Environmental, Materials Science, Coastal, Geotechnical, Structural, Surveying, Transportation, Municipal and Urban, Water Resources, and Forensic Engineering. Note that you can get a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering in more than one specialization. Being a vast field, it would be difficult for you to practice all areas of civil engineering. Thus, it is advisable to choose wisely on the basis of your interest the sub-discipline you want to pursue.

The backbone of every country’s economy and prosperity is it’s infrastructure. Infrastructural development is set to undergo a drastic transformation, with emerging technology and automation. So, if you are willing to fuel your career with B.Tech in Civil Engineering and contribute to your country’s prosperity, you can take admissions into MEC college or any other best colleges for civil engineering.

The curriculum of B.Tech civil engineering is designed to train the future engineers to tackle each and every challenge that might arise in their career from the new-gen technological revolution. The course will cover the basic and advanced levels dynamics of soils, structures and fluids, construction technology, surveying, transportation, environmental engineering, and construction project management. As a civil engineer your career will not only be exciting, but also rewarding. You can either work in the field or in the office doing designs. And, if you are a multi tasker you can work both in the field and in the office. Being a B.Tech in Civil Engineering, you will be working on designing, building, and maintaining the public works. You will be working on structures and facilities like hubs, government buildings,  transportation routes, and water treatment plants, or maybe in military engineering (in other countries).

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