Mechanical engineering

Career After B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is one of the crucial branches of engineering, and also it is considered the most challenging branch. Like any other branches of engineering, those who do B. Tech Mechanical Engineering or Mechanics has enough opportunity in the government as well as the private sector. With the growth in computerisation, mechanical engineering has become one of the most sought-after branches of engineering. There is loads of scope for mechanical engineers in India because of the rapid industrialisation of the nation. A mechanical engineering career requires at least a bachelor’s degree (BE/B.Tech), a postgraduate degree (ME), or a mechanical engineering diploma.

Engineers in the mechanical field deal with cooling and heating systems, vehicles with motors, medical machinery, aeroplanes, boats, and many other things. This profession originated with the industrial revolution, but it has undoubtedly grown in modern times. Sometimes, mechanical engineering fields can overlap with different engineering types, such as electrical, aerospace, civil and others. Some of the typical job roles after B.Tech Mechanical Engineering are –

  1. Design Engineer – They test and design a range of consumer products and goods. They use computer software to create designs and build models and prototypes that test products’ functionality for manufactures like furniture, cars, industrial equipment, appliances, tools and robots.
  2. Project Engineer – They organise, plan and supervise the construction of civil engineering projects. They work in offices and airports, on-site, bridges, directing the construction of roads, dams, pipelines and other structures, and sewer systems, gas and water.
  3. Mechanical Design Engineer – They are responsible for creating, testing and developing products such as sensors, machines and tools. They solve problems by applying the policies of chemistry, physics and mechanics to the real world. They also gather data on prototype performance and supervise the manufacturing procedure for their designs.
  4. Service and Maintenance Engineer – Their responsibilities include repairing and servicing machinery, checking equipment, systems and infrastructures. Service and Maintenance engineers make sure that industrial machinery and equipment runs reliably and smoothly.
  5. Mechanical System Designer – The mechanical system designer’s primary roles are developing machines, fabricating, researching, designing, and testing. They sometimes play a significant role in setting up production process plants and running the plant smoothly.

The future of mechanical engineers in India as well as abroad are very promising. Those who complete mechanical engineering have many career options in manufacturing plants, aerospace, oil exploration, automobile, chemical, railway coach factory, research and development, among others. In modern times and due to technology’s arrival, a mechanical engineer’s expertise and skills are required in robotics, biomedical, nanotechnology, AI, energy conservation, and more. This industry’s growth will be tremendous within the next few years, and mechanical engineering will be the highest-paid career option. Also, you can appear for Engineering Servies Exam (ESE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSE). Other government jobs include Railways, ISRO, state PSC associated with their engineering field. Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field since it is the only branch of engineering immune to the economic recession. With the broadening of scope and technological advancement, mechanical engineering prospects are extending beyond geographical peripheries.


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