Exhaustive Guide to Choosing Right PGDM College

MBA is a degree programme, while a substitute diploma course for MBA is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Similar to an MBA degree, PGDM is a two-year programme designed to impart managerial skills regarding evolving industry requirements. With around 5,000 MBA/PGDM colleges across India, choosing the right college becomes the most challenging task for a management aspirant. Hence, aspirants must aim to select the Tier-1 b-schools to pursue the PGDM course.You need to consider two primary factors while shortlisting PGDM colleges. These factors include PGDM specialisation and preferred location of study. Similar to an MBA degree, PGDM is offered with multiple disciplines; some of these are listed below:

  1. PGDM in Sports Management
  2. PGDM in Human Resource Management
  3. PGDM in Finance
  4. PGDM in Event Management
  5. PGDM in Sales and Marketing

Besides the choice of specialisation, deciding a location of study will help during the shortlisting process. One must consider a college location after evaluating the placement/internship opportunities available in the location, connectivity of metro city with the college location, etc. Further shortlisting PGDM college will require aspirants to consider several parameters. Space below provides a guide to choosing the right PGDM college based on these parameters.

Rankings and Accreditations

Both government and private bodies rank colleges across India. NIRF is an initiative by the MoE to rank educational institutes across different streams. Besides NIRF, Outlook India, BusinessWorld, India Today, among others, rank educational institutes. One must check the rankings in the preferred location of study. For example, an aspirant looking for a PGDM in Bangalore can check the top ranking colleges in Bangalore.One can check the accreditations of an institute while shortlisting a PGDM college. Accreditations including AMBA, AACSB, NBA, NAAC, and EQUIS are awarded considering numerous parameters.

Alumni Status

A college website hosts a list of notable alumni; one must check the alumni status before shortlisting one for higher education. A good alumni status depicts that the students of the college are recognised at different levels. Also, an alumnus of the college who has been successful on their career path might deliver guest lectures in the college to provide a practical experience after completing the course. You can also get in touch with a few alumni groups to get a review of the college

Internships and Project Opportunities

Most of the MBA and PGDM colleges include compulsory summer internships for the students. Some colleges might also help land a summer internship and a live project by inviting companies from different sectors. With internships and live projects, PGDM students get to work on real-life business problems under the mentorship of professionals in the field. Students can also approach different companies to volunteer and work during the summer break.

International Immersions

Several PGDM colleges have international immersion courses where a term is to be completed internationally. International exposure adds significant value to professional development by problem-solving at a global scale.

Placement Reports

PGDM colleges release placement reports for each batch. Considering the placement reports counts as the primary factor for college selection. The search for most of the students stops after checking the highest package, lowest package and average package. However, a college with good RoI is a vital factor while shortlisting colleges. One must prefer colleges with good RoI or a college with a consistently high average placement package. In addition, companies visiting the college during the placement drives is also an essential factor to consider.

Final Thoughts

A higher education degree or diploma can change the way you look at your career entirely. PGDM/MBA is considered by many to switch career paths. Therefore, it is essential to make a well-informed decision while selecting the college. A good college will paint a long term picture immediately after enrolling on the course.

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