PGDM In Data Science: A Highly Employable Career Field

Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science is a 10-month or 2-year course that offers specialized training in data science and data analytics, which focuses on the core statistical, quantitative and computing skills. The idea of the course is to prepare graduates as data scientists, in the corporate sector, for entrepreneurship, public policy or academics. 

PGDM Data Science is a course that aims at inculcating students with various Data Science methodologies and expose them to the methods used for data administration, interpretation, and processing. It also helps students with business domain knowledge so they can add value as data scientists.

How does a PGDM in Data Science help?

A PG Diploma course in Data Science is best for the working professionals to improve their skill sets of methodologies and analytical & statistical operation tools utilized in a company. The principal idea of the course is to assist students in developing statistical programming skills that will lead to a career in business and various private organizations.

Below are some of the other major benefits of pursuing PGDM in Data science.

  • Demand in the market: With the evolution of technology, Data Scientists have a high demand worldwide. The need for data science is overgrowing, yet the supply is inadequate in the market. 
  • Good salary: As per research conducted by Glassdoor, data science was the top-paying field to enter in 2016, with the national average income for a Data Scientist in India as INR 6,50,000 and abroad as $1,20,931.
  • Value to the Business: Data Scientists are flourishing in almost every industry today, from IT to healthcare, E-commerce to marketing and retail. They are dealing with the company’s most precious asset, i.e., data. 
  • Evolving Field: The growing demand for data worldwide has led data science to advance rapidly. The course helps students develop an extensive range of skill sets that may serve the organizations to make better strategic decisions.
  • Data Science can Save Lives: Data Science has enhanced the healthcare sector by using machine learning to detect early-stage cancers. Moreover, several other healthcare companies use Data Science methodologies to assist their Patients.
  • Data Science Makes Products Smarter: PGDM in Data Science teaches Machine Learning to the students, allowing ventures to build better goods for their users.

Job Prospects after PGDM in Data Science 

There are many career opportunities open for students in data science. Some of the principal job roles for the diploma graduates are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Applications Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Mining Engineer
  • Research Analyst
  • Statistician


A Data Science PGDM offers diverse career prospects. You will be qualified for various high paying major job roles in top organizations after completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science. 

The course also makes students eligible to pursue a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics or Data Science. In addition, the course is best for working professionals who wish to enhance their abilities and boost their reimbursement. The working professionals also benefit from improving their resume’s quality, which can help a professional get one’s hand on a position with higher chances and pay.

With the advancement of technology, data scientists are in high demand in almost every field. For example, the e-commerce business is multiplying only because of data scientists; the transportation industry requires Data Scientists to generate data by passenger counting systems, positioning systems, asset management, fare collection, and ticketing. A data scientist also plays a vital role in the health care sector and many more.   As a result, PGDM in Data Science is a highly employable career field.


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