Why is BBA in Aviation one of the most sought after programmes?

Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation is a three-year undergraduate course with six semesters. After completing the course of BBA in Aviation, the learners can work across various profiles such as air transport, passenger forecasting, financial accounting, marketing, airport operations, etc. To pursue BBA in Aviation, the candidates must appear or pass 12th from any stream or equivalent from any recognized board in India.

BBA in Aviation course provides a high scope and high salary package in the top aviation companies worldwide. The curriculum of BBA in Aviation mainly focuses on business communication, operations, security, economics, etc. The graduates in this degree deal with the airports, business, airlines, and every other aspect of the aviation industry.

Why should students opt for BBA Aviation?

Today, the aviation industry is one of the biggest income drivers for any economy. Moreover, this industry is growing immensely, thus opening up different exciting opportunities for BBA Aviation graduates. Below mentioned are some of the irrefutable points to pursue a BBA in Aviation:

  • BBA in Aviation is an underlying driver for tourism, and thus it significantly contributes to the economy of our country.
  • The candidates get equipped with the skills or knowledge required to manage the proper functioning in the airport and airlines.
  • Along with managing, the aviation industry also needs branding. Since convincing people to buy costly services is a challenge. Therefore BBA and MBA students are highly required.
  • The BBA Aviation graduates are open to exciting job opportunities like airport manager, program manager, assistant airport manager, airport operations manager, credit control manager, etc.
  • Taking a BBA admission course also allows them to get jobs in fields other than the aviation industry like product-based companies, marketing companies, logistics, advertising companies, etc.
  • Candidates are recruited by the top and reputed Airline companies worldwide, and they will get to travel the world.
  • The students also become eligible to go for higher professional studies like MBA.

Career Opportunity for BBA in Aviation

There are many job options after completing a BBA in Aviation. For example, the students can get jobs as airport managers, operation managers, etc. The salary usually increases with experience and higher academics. The prime areas of employment are in airports, airlines, flight schools, airline insurance companies, sales & advertising companies, educational institutes, etc. Some of the BBA Aviation lob profiles are mentioned below:

·                     Airline Contracting Manager– Airline contracting managers work in various industries and connect the business and the customer. For example, they negotiate contracts for the airline industry.         

·                     Airport Operations Manager– The airport operations manager manage airport security, logistics, and airport emergency procedures. They are responsible for the safety or welfare of managers, pilots, airport staff, and regulatory agencies. In addition, the operational manager will be the first contact for other administrators, airline officials, and the public.

·                     Assistant Airport Manager– Assistant Airport Manager, help the manager carry out administrative responsibilities. Assistant managers are in charge of maintaining employees, airport tenant relations, airport equipment, or other airport-related work.

·                     Teacher– The teacher can assist senior teachers in flight or business school.

·                     Credit Control Manager – They help businesses to manage their financial accounts by monitoring and documenting any pending payments.

The future looks bright for the aviation industry.

The pandemic has created disruption in the aviation industry, but the sector never came to a halt, unlike many other sectors. Therefore, the need for trained professionals in this sector will always remain irrespective of any crisis. BBA Aviation degree helps the aviation industry glide smoothly. In addition, factors like safety and security, technical aspects, finances etc., can only be taken care of by experts. The BBA in Airport Management program has been designed to train students to manage staff, deal with technical sections like maintenance staff and cargo department, coordinate them all, manage finances, and others. BBA in Aviation will help graduates to climb the career ladder quickly and build a rewarding career in the process!

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