How Are Economics Graduates Changing The World With Their Skills?

In the past years, the field of economics has gained a varied demand among the students. This field’s very transformation has led it to be the most sought-after field of study. It essentially involves studying the people’s consumption, production, and distribution of goods and services.

What Do You Study With A BA Degree In Economics?

BA degree in Economics is an undergraduate course aimed to help develop a wide range of skills or knowledge to prepare you for the business world. Economics students have a high employability rate, proving that you will learn numerous skills to add value to your resume. Following the BA economics syllabus that you will study during the programme will help you develop a variety of skills, including:

  • Detailed learning or understanding of economic principles and concepts;
  • Theoretical knowledge of economics, modelling approaches and their applications;
  • Expertise in quantitative techniques and computing methods and help them solve a wide range of issues or problems.

Top Advantages of Studying BA in Economics:

  • Focus on real-life:-  Economic problems influence our day-to-day lives, including issues like inflation, interest rates, inequality, markets, and tax. In addition, economics provides answers to varied health, social, and political problems that impact communities and households.
  • Excellent graduate prospects:- Most graduates find employment after completing their studies as economists. An economist may select to work in numerous industries like management, research, government, etc. Since the demand for economists in almost every field is related to monetary transactions, there is a high demand for students in economics. 
  • Independent & Critical thinking:- Independent and critical thinking is vital in today’s era, mainly when the internet is filled with information and fake news. Economists are thinkers who allow them to undergo their analysis.

Careers Options in Economics

Economics is the only branch that deals with the economy, making this course more recognised than others. With this evergreen branch, many lucrative career options exist in the government and private sectors. It provides ample scope and prestigious positions nationally and internationally. Experience economists are placed across the government sector, corporate firms, several premier research universities in India and abroad, international development agencies, the banking or financial sector and numerous academic institutions. As a result, the demand for economic analysts, researchers, and consultants increases in the job market.

Top job profiles for Economics Graduates

As technology integration is taking place within the realm of economics, various job opportunities are opening for economics graduates. Some of the top job profiles for an BA Economics are:

  • Human Resource Manager– The HR Manager is responsible for maintaining organisation staff by establishing testing, interviewing, and recruiting programs. In addition, they prepare employees for assignments by setting and conducting orientation and training programs.
  • Executive Assistant– The executive assistants work with top-level executives in various industries. Job duties of an administrative assistant include arranging travel, organising meetings and training staff members. 
  • Operation Manager- The operations manager’s role involves overseeing the production of goods and provision of services. They also make sure a business is running with a smooth, efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers. 
  • Research Analyst– The role of a research analyst is to perform research and gather data to support a company market its products or services efficiently. They also collect data and information using various methods, such as questionnaires, focus groups, market analysis surveys, public opinion polls, literature reviews, and interviews. 
  • Assistant HR: The job role of assistant HR substantiates applicants’ skills by administering and scoring tests. They schedule examinations by coordinating appointments.
  • Operations Team Leader: The operations team leader trains and manages the team of operations in an enterprise. They oversee the daily department production. 
  • Project Manager– The role of a project manager is to budget, oversee, plan and document all aspects of the specific project.

Today, economists are changing the way the world works and adding value and quality to the economy’s dynamics. However, to stand at the top of your game as an economics student, you should have a degree recognised worldwide. More and more industries are now appreciating the potential of economics graduates and valuing the contribution they can make to a business’ development and growth. If you have a knack for numbers and are passionate about how the economy works, this is your career. So, hurry and enrol for the programme now!

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