Why should One Choose Cyber Law as a Career Option?

Till the end of the 20th century, the world did not need any type of cyber law. After we have started adopting the internet as an integral part of our lives, we are in great need of cyber laws. Today, whenever we watch a news channel or read a newspaper, we encounter legal issues related to the internet. Cyberlaw protects all industries’ privacy, including record, movie, and media, and protects them from copyright infringement and stolen intellectual property. 

To understand why how Cyber Law has become a lucrative career option, we better start with why we need cyber laws. Today, we live in a techno-savvy environment, and the world has become even more digitally sophisticated, and so are the crimes. The Internet was developed to share information and be a research tool, but it has played essential roles in our lives in the last decades. Now, we perform many works with the internet’s help, and it has become more transactional with e-commerce, e-governance, e-business, and e-procurement etc. Criminals do not see the platform; they only see the chances of commenting on crimes. We now become habitual of reading the news of cybercrime. Therefore, cyber laws come into action to protect us from any cyber crimes. 

India is one of those countries which are facing cybercrimes daily. Seeing the need of severe actions again cyber crimes, India’s government has enacted the Information and Technology Act in 2000. Therefore, many institutes have started cyber law courses at a different level—the field of cyberlaw promise very lucrative career options. To become a cyber law expert/ professional, you must hold a degree or diploma in cyber law. Some of the most popular law courses in India are Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws, Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law and Information Technology, Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law, Diploma in Information Security and Cyber Law, Diploma in Information Security and Cyber Law, Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security and Law, Diploma in Internet Law and Policy. 

PG diploma in cyber law is the most widespread cyber law course in India. This course aims to make students aware of all types of cybercrimes and make them address & resolve problem-related to online transactions. The course also aims to fix Intellectual property related issues in the cyber world. Students who have pursued or in the final year of their graduation exam can apply for this course. Institutes that offer this course select the students for admission through various national level, state level or university-level law entrance test, while some institutes offer admission to the students based on their marks in the qualifying exam. 

Career Prospects Upon completing a degree or diploma in cyberlaw, one can either work with law agencies or work with various organisations. A cyber law specialist receives job offers for the different job such as Lawyers in IT companies, Specialists in Cyber/IT-Based Arbitration, Techno-legal Professionals in Computer Security, Security Computer Auditors. Apart from these job options, one with a cyber law degree or diploma is also hired by Police departments, corporate houses, public & private organisations, IT companies etc. The most popular job profiles that are offered to Cyber Law degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma holders are Cyber Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Cyber Assistant, Cyber Consultant, Research Assistant, Security Auditors etc. 

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