Is a Bachelor in Social Science worth it?

Do history, human behaviour, and culture attract you?

Are you curious to know how the political system works?

Do social issues make you think twice?

If yes, social science can be a career to move ahead. The subject allows you to influence the world by helping people. An in-depth study in the direction of your interests has a lot to offer.

What do we study at Bachelors in Social Science?

Social science subjects include an introduction to Criminology, International Development, Economics, Geography, Community Development, History, Human Ecology, Anthropology, Human Services, Demography, Industrial Relations, Political Science, Public Health Environmental Planning, Psychology.

A career in social science is both financially and personally satisfying. Most of the highest paying and designated jobs follow the division of social sciences.

Still, people think twice about starting their career with social studies. The reason behind this is myths associated with the subject.

Before discussing social science career opportunities, let’s talk about the social science myth and find out the facts.

Myths related to social science

There are multiple myths that people talk about while discussing the subject. However, nowadays, most people understand the value of social science, and it is one of the popular subjects among youth.

Social Science is not a specialised course.

Many people do not consider it a specialised course, as the program provides opportunities to explore multiple directions like sociology, political science, linguistics and more. However, this curriculum offers a chance to understand the most passionate area by providing a solid foundation. All the subjects and topics in the course have a direct or indirect relation.

No clear job opportunity

The course provides diverse opportunities to every student ranging from the private sector to the government. And many students who wish to travel the world get overseas options too.

BA in Social Science is only about social services.

The social science course is way beyond social services. It gives you the power to understand the world. You get to explore everything about society starting from history or geography to the nation’s political system.

Career opportunities after BA in Social Science

The dynamic course offers dynamic career options which are and not limited to the following:


You can be a part of any institute or school all across the country, teach subjects associated with social science up to 10th class. You can also become a lecturer or professor after completing post-graduation and PhD on any Social Science subject.


As a geologist, you study the earth, history, nature and processes that happen around us.

Museum Curator

The knowledge of history and geography supports strengthen you to build your career as Museum Curator.

Linguistic Anthropologist

You can become a researcher of culture and languages. It is the study of understanding historical languages.

Social Volunteer/ Social worker

Add your kindness and positivity to the world. With the knowledge of social science, you can be a social worker or volunteer in multiple segments. You can also work for prominent NGOs like UNICEF or WHO.

So if something is still holding you back to start your career in Social Science, you should know that most of the highest paying jobs come with the foundation of social science subjects. Graduation is just the first step towards your long and successful career.


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