Build a Prosperous Career with Postgraduate Diploma in Data Analytics

The vast amount of data streaming into organizations require knowledge and skills to extract useful insights from it. In the current times, where professionals or existing experts lack this knowledge, the task becomes almost impossible. To deal with gigantic data demands technical know-how and experience. This opens career opportunities in the field of data analytics. The prospects in this technical field are growing like never before. The industry is evolving rapidly and offering a promising future. The background provides an excellent platform for professionals to benefit and build a career in the new field of data analyst. 

To begin a career in the industry, you need to be ready to start from scratch. Opportunities come your way only if you become competent to work. Various certification courses are being offered in data analytics. One such popular course that has gained momentum recently is a postgraduate diploma in data analytics. The program helps you turn the vast amount of data into useful insights. You acquire a vast number of skills such as analytical, mathematical, technical etc. It is a short-term course that means you don’t need to give several years to acquire a certificate in data analytics. 

If you love to deal with numbers and patterns and have mathematical skills and an analytical mind, you should pursue a data analytics career. It is significant that you love numbers if you want to pursue a career in the field of analytics. This necessitates a curiosity for dealing with numbers and the knowledge base needed to handle the massive amount of data rushing into organizations every day. 

A career in data analytics is lucrative. The data certification course is the best way to upgrade your skillset and enhance your career. The training will help you acquire knowledge and provide you with in-depth training in the skills necessary for a data analyst. Here are some of the job prospects open to students pursuing a postgraduate diploma in data analytics

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst’s job is to perform financial forecasting and create reports and financial models for decision support. Graduates in data analyst can reach out for this position due to the skills they hold. The average pay of an analyst in finance is INR 3.93 lakhs. 

Data Processing Manager

The data processing managers are responsible for supervising the comprehensive data processing services of an organization. They also offer technical and human resources assistance. The companies usually hire these managers on an average salary of INR 5.11 Lakh per annum.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager plays a vital role in identifying the necessities. They also supply services to new clients and maintain friendly relations with them. The average income of business development managers is INR 5.66 Lakhs per annum.

Data Analyst

They are hired in an organization to scrutinize information using data analysis tools. They are responsible for taking out meaningful insights from the raw data to help employers and clients make significant decisions. In India, the average pay of an analyst is INR 5 Lakhs per annum.

Marketing Managers

The marketing managers are responsible for brand management, business development management and sales analysis. Graduates in data analytics can also apply for this position due to the analytical skills during the course. The average pay of these managers is INR 6.94 Lakhs per annum.

A lot of doors opens for graduates in data analytics. The rise in business and customers had widened the field’s scope, making the career lucrative yet challenging. The higher salary and excellent prospects available in the field indicate the rise in demand for professionals with data analysis skills. 

The course will require a significant investment of your time and energy to achieve this technical certification. Just develop your interest in data analytics, and no one can break you from achieving your goal.


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